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vaginal birth after cesarean

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ak_mommy81 @ 11:22 pm: Information searching
I found out last week that I am expecting again so back to the VBAC information line I go. I was wondering what are some of the better sites, maybe even books to read to fully educate myself. My daughter was born via c-section and it wasn't a pleasant experience at all and I want to avoid that again at all costs. I have a VBAC friendly Dr, though she has an if-y midwife on her team when I talked to her about  2yrs ago when I saw her for my first prenatal appt before it ending in miscarriage. I don't know if she just wanted to go off of what my on-call Dr that delivered my daughter was saying in his notes or what, but he robed me of the labor and delivery that I wanted and still to this day believe I could've had if I had had my Dr, or even another there instead of him. I don't want to switch Dr's by any means if she doesn't have a VBAC friendly team to back her and myself in case one of them is who is there at the time I go into labor but if I MUST, then I will because I'm dead set on having the birth experience that I want.

Any and all information is welcome.

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