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vaginal birth after cesarean

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antonia3001 @ 10:46 pm: In case you didn't see this in the ICAN forums....
I have been contacted by someone from the Service Employees International Union Healthcare Campaign.

"For the past few weeks we have undertaken quite a campaign to bring to light the insurance industry’s current practice of discriminating against women – denying women’s claims because of pre-existing conditions such as pregnancy, cesareans, and domestic violence. There has been a lot of interest from the press and more importantly from members of the House, Senate, and even the First Lady.

"Next week Senator Mikulski is holding a hearing entitled: “What Women Want: Equal Benefits for Equal Premiums” We are trying to find women who can speak at the hearing who have been denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition, such as pregnancy or c-section, or those who have coverage but their plans don’t cover maternity care for example."

There is a Senate hearing THIS thursday that they would like someone who has been denied coverage because of a cesarean to testify at. They would also like as many specific examples of this happening as they can collect. Periodically this comes up and it has yet to get much traction. Some of you have already shared your stories with me but I know there are others out there. Please spread this request out and especially if you or someone you know is in the DC area and would be willing to testify, contact me asap. Please email me directly as I will not be able to monitor all the forums, advocacy@ican-online.org

Gretchen Humphries
Advocacy Director, ICAN

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